Survival wins, reality muddled.

How much control do we have over our thoughts and actions? How much do past experiences affect the way we respond to the world around us? Is it possible to reprogram the way we process information, and therefore respond more courageously?

In this multimedia production, we invite the audience to be part of an immersive theatre performance.* Navigating through memories and thoughts, looking at how experiences may have conditioned the way we respond to the world.

*Involves audience participation
Content Warnings: Trauma and Death

Devisor, Writer and Performer Cheryl Ho
Devisor, Sound Designer and Performer Sze Min
Lighting Designer Rachel Lee
Lighting Operator Cameron Grant
Sound and Visuals Operator Oliver Bailey
Sound Engineer Edwin Cheah

Premiered at MUDFEST 2017, re_script 5.2 was a response to the theme of "How do we respond to an increasingly frightening world?".

Oftentimes, past experiences prevent us from doing the things we want to and ought to do. Sze Min and I were interested in practical steps one could take to overcome one's fears and struggles. Inspired by What Freud Didn't Know: A Three-Step Practice for Emotional Well-Being through Neuroscience and Psychology by Timothy B. Stokes Ph.D. , we looked into "JOEY's" world, looking at how certain memories have conditioned her responses, and by revisiting these moments, find the root cause of certain behaviours and aim to "rewire" the brain. 

This piece won the Creative Development Award