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After Arthur Miller

Salem 1692. A group of young women are caught dancing in the forest. Accused of witchcraft, rumours begin to infect the town, where a brutal witch hunt is carried out by authorities. A fever dream, a trial and community possessed by fear.


Director Adena Jacobs
Assistant Director: Cara Dinley
Stage Manager Jordan Carter
Assistant Stage Managers Holly Anderson and Angus Donald
Costume Designer Betty Auhl
Set Designer Bethany J Fellows
Lighting Designer Mungo Trumble
Composition/Sound Designer Jedd Schaeche

CAST Lucy Ansell, Oliver Bailey, Hayley Browne, Bronte Carmichael, Ian Ferrington Michaelis, Sarah Fitzgerald, Joanna Halliday, Cheryl Ho, Sarah Jackson, Callum Mackay , Annabelle Mitchell , Louisa Reid, Samuel Rowe

Cheryl Ho as Susanna Walcott and Ezekial Cheever

Studio 4, VCA Theatre Studios (Bldg 879)
7 June - 13 June 2018

The 'god machine'... The fludity of characters... who's on your side? This was a version of the Crucible that no one has ever seen before. Directed by the award wining director Adena Jabobs, the cast of 13 were called to look at one of the "most done plays" afresh. 

The Crucible is about a community plagued by fear and paranoia, where everyone becomes a potential victim or perpetrator. In this space there’s no outside, only inside: a world of hyper control and strict borders which decays and leaks and spills over. The boundaries which they’ve worked so hard to uphold collapse again and again. And so, as in Greek tragedy, it’s a space which demands sacrifice. Our production is an intimate one, set in the round. The ensemble of performers is on stage the whole time. We bear witness as they hunt for a scapegoat, name and shame, select who must be punished and who will be saved.

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