presented by Victorian College of the Arts Company 18

“That’s all we do— always beginning again! ”

Director Dean Bryant
Set Designer Bridget Milesi
Costume Designer Bethany J Fellows  
Lighting Designer and Co-Vision Designer Nicholas Moloney
Composer, Sound Designer and Co-Vision Designer Henry Paulet 
Stage Manager Ashleigh Wawlyn
Assistant Stage Managers Hannah Ribbons, Brooke Simmonds

CAST Lucy Ansell, Oliver Bailey, Hayley Browne, Bronte Carmichael, Noah Casey, Nic Davey-Greene, Alex Donnelly, Ian Ferrington Michaelis, Sarah Fitzgerald, Cameron Grant, Joanna Halliday, Cheryl Ho, Sarah Jackson, Abel Kollie, Callum Mackay, Edward McCullough, Annabelle Mitchell, Lachie Pringle, Brooke Rayner, Louisa Reid, Karl Richmond, Minjae (Andy) Song, Aquilla Sorenson, Lauren Steiner, Alexander Tomisich

Cheryl Ho as Gladys Antrobus

Under the direction of Dean Bryant, the graduating class of the Victorian College of the Arts take a contemporary twist to the this modern classic.

“… At heart, it is trying to explore what it feels like to be part of the human race, and to continue to endure and survive. Wilder takes the form of a stock-standard family comedy- a mid century nuclear family and their amid - and then contrasts this against thousands of years of human struggle, both real and imaginary, surviving the ice age, Noah’s flood and an epic World War. We are already in the realm of something like absurdist writing, and then we deal with meta theatre too - we are regularly in and out of character. It is a chaotic play, one that does a great job at mirroring the real chaos our world is always in… It’s a big play. There’s lots of people, and lots going on. This is what put it back into my head when I was looking for something to do with the graduating class of 2018. It forces actors to take on huge technical demands (accent, style, movement) as well as bringing their deliberately archetypal characters to alive by illuminating them with their own hearts and experiences…”

- Dean Bryant (directors note)

Martyn Myer Arena
12th - 19th September 2018

Photography by Drew Echberg