Photo by Andrew Raszevski

Photo by Andrew Raszevski

Cheryl Ho

Cheryl Ho is a Melbourne based Actor, Performer and Theatre Maker.

She is interested in how spaces can be facilitated for people to feel a sense of belonging and safety.

Her work, re.script5.2 premiered at one of Australia’s biggest student theatre Festivals, Mudfest and received the Creative Development Award. Which enabled her to stage another original work, Have You Herd. Alongside her collaborators, she curated an interactive gallery space during her residency at the George Paton Gallery, exploring how Language shapes our perception and informs our experience in a largely globalized world.

Their new work, “ROOM”, commissioned by the University of Melbourne explores the experience of being a Singaporean living in Melbourne and tackles the desire to be in two countries at once.

Cheryl has worked alongside Leisa Shelton on SCRIBE at Dance Massive and “Threads that Bind”. The latter had a focus on community and cultural practice, collaborating on a weaving project with the residents of the Carlton community and facilitating a “toy-library” play space for the kids.

Cheryl’s credits at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) include Gladys in The Skin of Our Teeth (dir. Dean Bryant), Ezekiel Cheever and Susanna Walcott in The Crucible (dir. Adena Jacobs), Pistol, Bedford and Queen Isabel in Henry V (dir. Leith McPherson) and was one of the performers in _CONTROL (dir. Romi Kupfer) as part of the VCA directors season. Cheryl has appeared as Billy in the web series, Tech Inc. Global (dir. Harrison Lane, Tom Kerrigan, Alex Thomson) and Li Lin in the short film, Limbo (dir. Gwendolyn Lin)

She recently played the Collette, in an independent murder mystery series called Secrets (dir. Jake Low) and will appear as Lola in an independent short film, Mirage (dir. Maki Morita)

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Artist Statement 

I believe that Theatre and Art speaks to people in a way that is visceral, provocative, touching and powerful.

I do it because I enjoy it. I’m Inspired by images, by the things happening around the world, by cloudiness and the need for clarity. 

I strive to make my work accessible. To respond with curiosity and not judgement. To engage with the community. To be open and to listen. To be prepared, to give and to be vulnerable. To value every opportunity and value the time and work of others.


I try to find the medium where the work is best expressed but as my formal training is as a performer, I do enjoy performing in my work. I find that the desire to make a work interactive, immersive or participatory is from my desire for audiences to experience the same transformation and imaginative work I experience as an actor. One that puts people in the shoes of another or the world of another.

I am interested in the creation of worlds, in narratives that allow us to look into how we navigate our roles in a society. Themes of social inequality, identity, tradition, culture, waste and excess are currently themes I’m interested in. The question of how one’s environment serves to shape one’s perceived identity and experience of the world are things I’m exploring. I’m also interested in one’s sense of belonging and how we can find and create spaces for people to feel a sense of belonging and safety. In my craft, I search for ways to be open and inclusive, to facilitate a sense of safety and empathy and create worlds that allow participants to experience fully, to be immersed and provoked.