the grass is greener on the other side

"HAVE YOU HERD" is an immersive and participatory theatre piece, where audiences become characters in the story. Choices have been made and more choices will be made. How far does one go to get what one desires?

What if you end up losing everything you've ever had?

The WHOVES have taken over LOSHEEPA.
Food and water are scarce, anything ANTI-WHOVE
is to be declared and destroyed.
All the little girls have been taken away.
All except one.

A rumour of a rebellion is spreading.
A call for the recruitment of WHOVES is made.
The future seems bright for those
who decide to become a WHOVE.
But for those fighting against it,
they remain watchful in the days to come.
When the time comes,
whose side do you want to be on?

Co-Creators Cheryl Ho and Ng Sze Min
Writer Cheryl Ho
Sound Designer Ng Sze Min
Light Designer and Production Manager Rachel Lee
Stage Manager and Assistant Production Manager Merissa Tang
Designer Brooke Rayner Lee

Devisors and Performers Cheryl Ho, Sarah Fitzgerald, Samuel Rowe

Have You Herd is an original work that was a response to numerous things that I was curious about at that time - The Japanese Occupation that happened in Singapore many many years ago, the silence around one's tragic past or struggles and how people keep secrets from others in an attempt to protect them. The piece calls for one to have faith in a time where everything else might point to an answer thats easier to accept. It questions the moral choices one has to make in a time of crisis. 

Have You Herd, an experimental take on dystopia set in the fictional land of Losheepa, delights in its audience’s discomfort. It follows the struggle of a young girl and boy, played by Cheryl Ho and Samuel Rowe respectively, in their struggle against the Whoves, a wealthy ruling class who have turned Losheepa into a warzone. The set is sparse, the lighting dark, and the audience participants sit in the front row, scared, bewildered, and decorated with identifying armbands. From the very first second, co-creators Cheryl Ho and Ng Sze Min have us right where they want us, wholeheartedly believing that we are in Losheepa.

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